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Ningbo Huazhuo Technology won the fifth place in the Ningbo Division of the 10th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • Time:2021-09-03

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On September 2, the high-end equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy and new energy vehicle industry finals were successfully held, which means that the industrial finals of the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Ningbo Division have all ended. In this industry final, a total of 21 companies participated in the roadshow defense, of which 5 companies participated in the online roadshow defense through video connection. 16 companies including Yuefan Medical, Ningbo Huazhuo Technology, Boxu New Energy, Qingjie Intelligent, and Xinyou Intelligent The enterprise was rated as excellent enterprise, among which 8 enterprises including Hanke Medical, Hongxi Intelligent, Yuanhai Bochuang, and Bohai Shenheng successfully advanced to the finals of Ningbo Division. The event was broadcast live on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange platform, attracting nearly 4,000 people to watch and cheer online.


This industry final was organized by the Organization Department (Talent Office) of the Ningbo Fenghua District Committee, Ningbo Fenghua District Science and Technology Bureau, Yinuo Fenglu Science and Technology Innovation Park, Fenglu New Materials Accelerator, Ningbo Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd., Ningbo Angel Investment Guidance Fund Co., Ltd., Ningbo Tianjin Entrepreneurship Service Co., Ltd., Ningbo Zhenhai Angel Industrial Park and Flint Spark V-Next Co-organized.

Wang Weicheng, deputy director of Fenghua District Science and Technology Bureau, and Lin Decheng, director of the High-level Talent Development Special Office of the Organization Department of Fenghua District Party Committee, attended the industry final and served as award guests. Hu Lun attended the event.

Fenghua District actively focuses on the construction of "246" trillion-dollar industrial clusters, and takes Binhai New Area as the main platform to create strategic emerging industrial clusters such as high-end equipment and new energy. In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic sweeping the world, Fenghua District has a good momentum of development in new equipment, new energy and other manufacturing industries, and the investment enthusiasm has not diminished. The whole district has actively implemented scientific and technological projects at or above the municipal level, and has made every effort to promote the construction of innovation platforms and gather technology-based Entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises and innovative talents fully reflect the achievements of Fenghua District in digging into the potential of domestic demand, accelerating market development, and promoting industrial upgrading.


The competition invited Chen Xiaogang, President of Infinity Capital, Tong Kefeng, Managing Director of Tianjin Haida Venture Capital, Liang Minghui, Partner of Pengyuan Capital, Zhou Qianzhi, Assistant General Manager of Huarui Holdings, Le Guosheng, Manager of Project Management Department of Jinfan Investment, and Investment Banking Department of China CITIC Bank. General Manager Fang Jian, Deputy Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute of Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Chi, a total of 7 senior experts in venture capital, technology and financial industries served as judges, and provided questions about product scale and marketization raised by contestants. Professional guidance, and a comprehensive evaluation of the project from technical research and development capabilities, market expansion, and business model design.

Since it was approved as the first "Made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city in China in 2016, our city has made great efforts to promote high-end equipment manufacturing into the "fast lane" of high-quality development. Integrated circuit packaging and testing and other technology research and development projects; the city's energy-saving and environmental protection industry has always been in a leading position in the wind, continue to promote energy-saving emission reduction and carbon reduction, vigorously develop circular economy, and coordinate and orderly achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Many participating enterprises have energy-saving and environmental protection innovative enterprises that master core technologies such as low-noise equipment, auto catalysts, regeneration cycle equipment, and emission reduction technology; Relevant materials and cutting-edge technologies are emerging one after another, and related companies in the field of new energy have also begun to emerge.

After intense competition, 16 companies were rated as excellent companies, of which the top 8 companies successfully advanced to the finals of the Ningbo Division. In this year's competition, a large number of high-quality projects with high technology content, great market potential and great investment value in related industries emerged, and many international leading and pioneering projects also stood out in the competition. The backbone of innovation and entrepreneurship in our city has gained the attention of well-known venture capital institutions in this year's competition and will eventually be tested by the market. We look forward to the promotion of enterprises to have more exciting performances on the stage of the finals! Congratulations to the following companies!

Excellent company list


Company Name


Ningbo Hanke Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Hongxi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Yuanhai Bochuang Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Bohai Shenheng Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Huazhuo Laser Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Panfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Shijia Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Zhikou Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Yuefan Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Boxu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Qingjie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Xinyou (Ningbo) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Yisheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Yukun Testing Technology Co., Ltd.


Kaici Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Jizhao Electric Technology Co., Ltd.