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Warmly celebrate Huazhuo Technology - the first domestic disposable infusion tube laser welding equipment was officially launched

  • Time:2021-12-14

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Huazhuo Technology is committed to the field of plastic laser welding. In order to break through the technical barriers of foreign countries, it took the lead in developing the first plastic laser welding equipment in China in 2015, breaking the previous situation that plastic laser welding was monopolized by foreign countries. From the first quasi-synchronous plastic welding equipment in China, to double-transparent plastic laser welding equipment, and then to welding equipment for special products, Huazhuo Technology has been constantly exploring and developing.


Invited and cooperated by a domestic medical treatment, the laser welding of the disposable infusion tube was developed. From now on, the connection of the disposable infusion tube will no longer use the glue adhesion process. In the past, when we produced disposable infusion tubes, we usually used JL-469TPU quick-drying glue, and watered the bonding parts. At the same time, we needed to quickly bond the bonding parts together, and it took 24 hours to make the product. The production time cost is relatively high for inspection, packing and delivery. After various tests and adjustments, Huazhuo finally selected multi-laser one-time forming welding, which greatly shortened production time and improved production efficiency.



As the first laser welding equipment for disposable infusion tubes in China, it brings a higher and updated production process to enterprises that produce disposable infusion tubes and reduces production costs.