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Guangdong Huazhuo Laser Technology Co., Ltd.(referred to as "Huazhuo Technology") is located in the hometown of mechanical equipment in Foshan, Shunde, Foshan, the hometown of home appliances. The company's professional R&D team is composed of a large number of experts and professors in the fields of laser processing and digital manufacturing from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. At present, there are nearly 50 professional employees, including 18 high-end technology R&D personnel with doctoral and master's degrees.

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Focusing on the new technology of Made in China 2025 with the heart of a craftsman, a bright spot, a welding line, and two pieces of plastic are closely connected. The professional team subverts the traditional industry service thinking, and uses data accumulation to break through the technical door blocked by foreign countries.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of laser processing equipment (especially plastic laser processing) and automatic complete auxiliary systems. The company has strong technical strength, the technical leaders are top experts in the field of laser processing in China, and the main R&D personnel are all with doctorate degree or above. It is a high-tech enterprise that produces and sells, and is currently the leader in domestic plastic laser welding technology.        

Ningbo Huazhuo Laser Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened in September 2019. The company's technology mainly relies on Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the National Engineering Research Center for Digital Manufacturing Equipment, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of plastic laser welding equipment. Ningbo Huazhuo is a high-tech enterprise that has attracted investment from the Shenzhen Investment Promotion Office of the Yuyao Municipal People's Government through the "Yao Jiang Yingcai" talent introduction plan to enter the Zhejiang Thousand Talents Program Yuyao Industrial Park.

 Adhering to the development concept of innovation + ingenuity + win-win, the company is committed to promoting the optimization and innovation of plastic laser welding technology, leading the development of the laser welding equipment market and driving industrial innovation in the plastic products industry. Ningbo Huazhuo independently develops and upgrades plastic laser welding equipment, transparent plastic laser welding equipment, multi-axis robot plastic laser welding equipment, and quasi-synchronous plastic laser welding equipment, and continues to maintain the innovation of technological achievements, so that the technology has always been at the leading domestic level. Ningbo Huazhuo plastic laser welding equipment will rapidly realize industrialized demonstration applications in automotive, medical, LED lighting, home appliances and other industries.

Quality Change the world

Quality changes the world


The power source to lead the industry

Finance, insurance, Internet of Things, incubators, wind power, industries with seemingly huge spans have been integrated and developed in the most beautiful way in Huazhuo.

Innovation and reform of the industry is the source of Huazhuo's strong vitality, and strength, courage and cohesion are the foundation for Huazhuo to overcome obstacles on the road of innovation.


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