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"Provincial Promotion Association Special Committee" held a meeting to promote development

  • Time:2021-07-01

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In order to promote the rapid development of the laser industry in Guangdong, popularize the application of laser technology, and assist the growth and progress of enterprises and technological innovation. The Expert Committee of Guangdong Laser Industry Association (referred to as the "Provincial "Special Committee of the Laser Association") held a plenary meeting on April 13 in Bao'an, Shenzhen.

The meeting quantified, refined and personalized the four major work plans of improving the mechanism formulated at the beginning of 2019 by the "Provincial Exciting Association Special Committee", carrying out academic exchanges, checking technology for enterprises, and actively serving members; The development status of the provincial laser industry was studied and analyzed; the overall prediction and outline of the future industrial development and market demand were made. It is agreed that the laser industry in Guangdong is developing rapidly, and many enterprises have chosen lasers in the process of transformation and upgrading. At present, the pace of development of the laser industry in Guangdong Province has been accelerating, key technologies have continued to make breakthroughs, the level and performance of equipment manufacturing has been significantly improved, the application field has been expanding, and the ecological system has initially formed. A number of competitive backbone enterprises have emerged, forming Guangzhou and Shenzhen. , Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Foshan and Jiangmen and other laser industry clusters. In 2018, the laser output value of Guangdong has reached 32 billion yuan.

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There are also some obstacles in the development process of the laser industry in our province, such as unbalanced development and chaotic prices; lack of breakthroughs in key technologies and equipment, weak core competitiveness of enterprises; low level of industry-university-research cooperation and low level of internationalization . Therefore, the government and industry associations should strengthen guidance and management; enterprises should strengthen self-discipline and cooperation; strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and constantly break through key technologies.


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Enterprises should strengthen cooperation with colleges and universities, not only for industry-university-research cooperation, but also for large-scale activities, such as sports competitions, quiz competitions, science and technology competitions, etc., which not only enhances the influence of enterprises, but also achieves a win-win situation between schools and enterprises.




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Member companies can issue certificates when applying for project approval, which can be used as attachments to project declarations.