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Walking at the forefront of the upgrade of the medical device industry, plastic laser welding helps promote the upgrade

  • Time:2021-07-01

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You may still use UV glue to bridge products, endure the pungent smell caused by the volatilization of glue, and accept the efficiency limitation and high consumables cost brought by waiting for the curing time of UV glue.

You may still use ultrasonic welding products, endure the harsh and harsh sound brought by mechanical operation, and accept the high rate of defective products and the economic losses caused by unstable production.

You may still be thinking that the company has not yet found the most ideal joint solution for the microfluidic products developed by the company, and there is no breakthrough, resulting in huge time costs.

You may also be faced with the difficulty of recruiting workers on the assembly line and the operating dilemma of rising wage costs.

you might......

Most of the plastic consumables and accessories in the medical industry have the characteristics of "fine, fine, beautiful and transparent" - precise bridging, small individual, beautiful welds, and see-through; Process requirements for deformation, no residue, and no damage to electronic components.

Laser welding is more and more widely used in various fields of medical devices due to its advantages of local heating, precision machining, and non-contact heating. Compared with other commonly used welding techniques, laser welding technology produces almost no slag and debris, and does not require any adhesive to be added during the welding process, so the entire welding job can be completed in a clean room. Laser welding technology is actually the first choice for medical device behavior, and at the same time greatly promotes the development of medical devices.

(Schematic diagram of laser welding principle)


Huazhuo Technology is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of laser processing equipment, special plastic laser welding and automatic complete auxiliary systems. With Shunde, Guangdong as the headquarters, two R&D centers in Wuhan and Shunde, and two production bases in Ningbo and Shunde, it has formed a technology and industrial deployment that radiates and serves the whole country. The technical leaders of the R&D center are all the top experts in the domestic laser processing field, and the main R&D personnel are all with doctoral degrees or above. It is the designated training base for postgraduates of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and the first professional research and development, production and sales of plastic laser welding equipment in China. It is a high-tech enterprise and a leader in domestic plastic laser welding technology.



Huazhuo Technology has broken through the difficulties of laser welding technology and application between transparent plastics and transparent plastics that do not rely on adding light absorbers, especially in line with the welding requirements of transparent medical plastics.


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